Equipping the Body: Grace Life Resources


Equipping the Body: Grace Life Resources



Over the past six years, there has been over 100 resource titles developed to equip and empower the believer in every area of their lives.


Why is this such a central focus of Grace Life Ministries? Because we believe in the mandate of the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11 “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”


Some of the topics covered include: Relationship (dealing with people); Reigning in Life; Ready for Battle; The Father’s Love; How to Be Happy; etc. We are working on improving the website so that these resources are easily available to people who are seeking the truth of the gospel and the message of grace.


There are numerous testimonies of people who have been impacted by the resources available and it has served as a successful tool in helping people discover their true identity in Jesus and grow in maturity as a believer.


Like Kyle’s story, our leaders receive positive feedback in lifegroups or one on one discipleship on how the regular series format helps people to practically apply the word of God in their everyday lives. This is vital to ensuring a growing and thriving church.


Your support to the ministry enables us to produce valuable resources that are helping people see who they really are – and then walk that out in the world.


Thank you for giving. Your investment in this ministry is being used wisely to create lasting tools that are going around the world to connect people to the heart of their Father.




According to the Love of the LORD
Calling and Separation | Part 1 – A Good News Story
Calling and Separation_Part 2 – How to Grow your Dreams into Reality
Christmas Message
Discover True Love (The story of Ruth)
Discover True Love Christ’s Love For You revealed in the Book of Ruth
Discover Your Destiny_Part 2 – Foundation for a Successful Life
Discover Your Destiny_Part 3 – Following God’s Leading
Discover Your Destiny_Part 4 – More than a Job
Discover Your Destiny_Part 5 – The Chariot
Discover your Destiny_Part 6_The Key to Success
Discovering Your Destiny_Part 1 – You have a Purpose
Do you have an Image_Part 1 – Your God Birthed Image
Do you have an Image_Part 2 – Walking in your God-Birthed Image
Dressed for Success – The Robe of Righteousness
Finances from God’s perspective
First Things First
God is a good God
God’s ability in you
God’s Heart for Leadership_Part 1 – Shepherding the Flock
God’s Heart for Leadership_Part 2 – Eldership in the Church
Grace and Giving
Happily Ever After
Healing Seminar
How to be Happy | Part 1 – You can be Happy
How to be Happy | Part 2 – Don’t Worry be Happy
How to be Happy | Part 3 – Satisfaction
How to be Happy | Part 4 – Trusting God
How to be Happy | Part 5 – Dealing with Dissapointment and Grief
How to be Happy | Part 6 – How to Deal with Crisis Situations
How to be Happy Series
How to Receive your Miracle
Jesus wants you well
Journey to Truth
Keep your eyes on the Prize
Keys of the Kingdom
Keys to success from Psalm 23 Part1
Keys to success from Psalm 23 Part2
Knowing God | Part 4 – An Unchanging God
Knowing God | Part 4 – Knowing God Leads to Knowing who you are
Knowing God_Part 1_How to be Strong and do Great Exploits
Knowing God_Part 2_The True Nature of God
Knowing God_Part 3 – Knowing God Through the Word
Leadership Conference
Long-term Revival
Love Changes Everything
Making Good decisions
Obstacles to Success
Old or New, who are we
Paul’s Thorn
Ready for Battle
Reign by Feasting on the Word
Reign in Life : Part 2 – Reign because you are Dead
Reign in Life | Part 10 – Reign through Feasting on the Word
Reign in Life | Part 6 – Reign in Life by overcoming Offences
Reign in Life | Part 7 – Reign in Life because you know you are Loved
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 1 – Introduction
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 1 – Introduction.mp8
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 2 – The Belt and the Breastplate
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 3 – The Shoes and Shield
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 4 – The Helmet of Salvation
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 5 – The Sword of the Spirit
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 6 – The Last Piece of Armour
Reign in Life | Part 8 – Ready for Battle | Part 7 – Stand Firm
Reign in Life | Part 9 – Reigning in Life through the power of the Holy Spirit
Reign in Life Series
Reign in Life: Part 1 – How to Reign in Life
Reign in Life: Part 3 – Resurection Life
Reign in Life: Part 4 – Reign through difficult Circumstances
Reign in Life: Part 5 – How to Reign over your Emotions
Relationship Seminar
Relationship with Father
Relationships | Part 1 – How to deal with People
Relationships | Part 2 – Dealing with Strife
Relationships | Part 3 – Influence and influencers
Relax, Rest and Receive
Saved by Grace | The Story of Rahab
Spiritual Warfare
Such as I have
Taking the limits off God
Thankfulness is Key
The End Times
The Fathers Love
The Father’s Love
The Gospel is the Answer for the World
The Gospel is your Breakthrough
The Gospel of Grace
The New Wine is Better
The revelation of Satan
The Third Way
Those Who Dream
Two Covenants – The Bondmaid & The Freewoman
Understanding wine
War on Sickness
What about Job?
What to do when your prayers seem unanswered
Work, money and your Destiny
World-overcoming Faith
You are Innocent
Your sin has been dealt with