Good news, healings, miracles and more! (Jan18 Newsletter)

Good news, healings, miracles and more! (Jan18 Newsletter)

Dear friends,

This is our first newsletter for 2018 and we have so much to share with you! We hit the floor running and have seen such great fruitfulness already – praise God!

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We trust that you’ve started the new year off well and that 2018 will be your best year yet!

Much love,

Shayne Holesgrove

Ps. Here is a great teaching to help you make the most of 2018:




What an enriching time we had under Arthur Meintjes’ ministry! Arthur ministered on what the Bible teaches about the purpose and present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit to all people, and how the Holy Spirit’s ministry towards us is good and reveals to us God’s unconditional love for us.

Order your MP3 CD of the entire conference by clicking here, or you can purchase the MP3 audio downlo1ads by going to our online store over here.  The mp3 downloads of the entire conference will be on sale until Sunday for only R70 (usually R100).

If you’re wondering why this conference resource isn’t available online for free, please read this!




We have had a glorious time in Albania over the past couple of weeks! We’ve been having conferences and doing various outreaches in order to both strengthen the church here and reach new people. We also partnered with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Northern Ireland to reach out to people on the streets and invite them to our outreaches and conferences.

We have seen many miracles and healings! Praise God! We’ve seen legs lengthened, a deaf ear open, someone got healed of eye problems, arthritis, chronic migraines, heart problems, skin problems and more! We also ministered to one young man who got delivered from demonic oppression and torment.

During one of our services, I called up one young man in the church (formerly a Muslim) to come up and help me pray for someone’s leg to be lengthened. I had received a word of knowledge that someone had back pain and that their one leg was shorter than the other. This young man held the ladies feet in his hands and said, “Leg, grow in the Name of Jesus!” and instantly, the leg pushed out and grew. He felt it move and seemed to get a fright, but it was such a positive experience for him that he hasn’t stopped talking about it.

We were privileged to have Benjamin Conway (from Tree of Life Church U.K.) join us in Albania for four days. Ben ministered powerful words each night which had a great impact on the people in the church.

We have a few more outreaches planned and look forward to getting home to share all the testimonies with you.

– Shayne Holesgrove


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