Rooted: You’re not too young (or too old)

Rooted: You’re not too young (or too old)

Rooted: You’re not too young (or too old)




Sumeshnee Reddy: Outreach Oversight and People Care, GraceLife Pretoria


I joined Grace Life Pretoria just over a year ago.


After having been hugely impacted by the teachings in Rooted myself, I was keen to impart that same knowledge and truth to others. I started going through the Rooted Discipleship Guide and when we got to the section on baptism, she asked me to baptize her.


The growth in this lady has been astounding, from taking antidepressants and suffering from major depression; today she is a joyful person, living in the abundant life that Jesus promised.


My nine year old brother visited our family from London over Christmas and we ended up having some deep spiritual time together, praying and encouraging one another. We decided to meet over Skype when he returned home to the UK to do a simplified session of Rooted together.


By the second session, we’d established that he had not really confessed out loud with his mouth that Jesus is Lord. He wanted to say the prayer at the end of Rooted, to accept Jesus into his heart. That was a really special moment as a big sister!


I believe that the Rooted Discipleship Guide is totally Spirit-led, which is why there it has made a supernatural impact in the lives of so many. It speaks to the heart of the matter, telling the truth of God’s love.


Recently my dad had also accepted Jesus into his heart and we’ve starting going through the Rooted together as well. This has been an amazing tool to lead someone closer to God, through grace and love.


I compiled a mini-booklet that I use as an outreach tool using Rooted and my and have received positive feedback and questions from people who I’ve share the booklet with.


In partnering with this vision, you are not only impacting the kingdom locally, but all over the world. A simple thing, like a printed copy of Rooted has such potential to change lives and impact people.


By giving, you are helping someone find that same truth that you found: God is not holding your sins against you, that there is freedom in the message of Grace and in Christ.


Thank you for impacting the Kingdom of God and sowing seeds in the lives of so many!