Walking in destiny and reigning in life




Kyle2Testimony: Kyle Louw


When Shayne started the “Discover your Destiny”, I’d been looking for a new job for a couple of months. One thing I already knew from the start was that God doesn’t want me to rush this process and feel pressurized into making a decision, something which proved vital when I received my first offer at a certain company.


I didn’t have any peace with the idea of working at that specific company and felt that I would be making that move based on finances alone. I declined the offer quite swiftly knowing that I will receive peace when the right opportunity comes by (1 Cor 14:33).


This all happened around the time we had the “Discover Your Destiny” as well as the “Reign in Life” series at church. This blessed me so much in that I realised that God wants me to prosper and reign in life, not because of my own works, but through what Jesus has done for me (Rom 5:17).


I eventually had another string of interviews and one of them really stood out. Not just a little bit but substantially. I had complete peace with this company, even long before I received an offer. Eventually when the offer came, it was completely clear that this was the correct move for me.


It ticked all the boxes that I had in mind, even though people told me that I should be prepared to compromise (something which I don’t believe as I clearly felt that if I am a child of God, who is loved, blessed and highly favored, I have no need to compromise or make any sacrifices during this transition). Also, every time doubt crept into my mind on whether I would find the correct position, I would immediately shift my focus onto the Lord and His promises (Matt 6:33). This I can confirm by looking back at all the other offers which would’ve forced me to compromise on so many levels.


I would like to advise whoever is facing a similar situation that God only has great plans and good thoughts toward you. Seek His righteousness, follow His peace and apply His word in your life. God’s word truly is alive, and if you apply it, it will change your life dramatically.


A word of gratitude to the partners who help support this ministry. Your impact is being felt in so many ways.