Why isn’t everything for free?

We usually offer all our resources for free because we really want to help people discover the good news of God’s unconditional love and grace for them. You may be wondering why some of our resources are for sale and not available to download for free?

GraceLife leadership recently decided that all Sunday messages would be available for free, however, we would charge for event resources (conferences and seminars) and not have them available for free download.

This is for a number of reasons:
(1) The small profit that we make off of the item will go towards the expenses of the event which are not usually covered by any offerings received at the event.
(2) Profits made after event expenses will go towards the mission of reaching people (which is a really good thing).
(3) Charging for event resources will hopefully encourage people to attend the event in person (most often for free) and not miss out on the amazing experience that comes with receiving the Word live in person.

We have hundreds of hours of teaching available online for free! Your generosity helps us to make this possible – for that we thank you! Every gift you give towards the ministry helps us to get the message out to thousands of people around the world. Help us take the message farther by sowing into this ministry. You can give via EFT or online.

Visit our audio library for free teaching resources by clicking here!
Visit our YouTube library for free teaching videos by clicking here!


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