Zimbabwe Mission 2017

Zimbabwe Mission 2017
2017 Zim Mission Team

2017 Zim Mission Team


Mission report: Coenraad Swanepoel


Early on a rainy, cold July morning , a team of 13 missionaries set off from South Africa on a 10 day mission trip to Zimbabwe. The purpose of the mission trip was to bring the love and true nature of God to a nation where the gospel of the finished work of Jesus has been distorted by false teachings.


The first part of the mission took place in the capital city, Harare, which consisted of evangelizing highly populated areas and strengthening the believers with our sister church. The second part of the mission took place in Bulawayo and focused mainly on street evangelism and establishing a new church plant at the end of the week.


We were able to evangelize the highly populated areas by dividing the team into three groups and going to specific households to preach. The preaching was done in turns and each team member had an opportunity to share on a different topic to equip those who were listening.


Some of the topics covered included: ‘what does it mean to be born again’, ‘who is the Holy Spirit’, ‘the importance of community’ and ‘you new identity in Christ’.  These teachings proved to be highly effective as people for the first time began to understand what it means to be born again and that they cannot lose their salvation.


We kept people back home updated on the progress of the trip with regular videos.


Also as the Lord promised, signs and wonders will confirm the word and numerous healings took place at each occasion, showing the Lord’s goodness towards His children. One healing that took place with one team was an old woman who could walk again without any aid. At different occasions, shortened legs grew back to equal length and backs were healed. Praise Jesus!


From Harare, the team departed to Bulawayo where street evangelism was the focus. The team was split into four groups who were led by Zimbabweans from Charis Ministries. Numerous people were reached, they all had different reactions towards the good news, some were offended and others received it with gladness, but love takes the risk to allow others to decide for themselves.


It was amazing to see how most people (and yes even Christians) have not heard the good news of God’s unconditional love for them. Some were reluctant to listen at first but opened up as soon as they heard that they are already forgiven. Many were healed during the mission, but the most valuable healings that we saw were that of human hearts receiving the love and acceptance they have always longed for from God, learning that God is good and not holding any trespasses against them.


From the mission, it was evident to see that there is only one message that is able to reunite man with God and that is the finished work of Jesus. It says in Colossians 1:27 that it is Christ in us the hope of glory and that is whom we preach to any who will hear.


This is the only message that is able to bring life to a dying world. The mission trip has equipped those with the necessary knowledge and skill to reach those around themselves even after the mission, but most importantly it has strengthened each team member’s relationship with God.


Click here for some photos taken during the trip.




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