May 2019
Are things working out for you?

So often people use Deuteronomy 28 to bring condemnation on people. Well-intended ministers just pile on the to-do list! But Christ took the curse for us! Amen! The message of Jesus is good news that you do not have to strive to be good and right with God. Jesus came and made us right with God. If our gospel is not good news it is not gospel. Verse 16 continues, “Cursed shall thy be in the city, cursed shall thy be in the field, cursed shall be thy basket and thy store,”......

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Think towards victory
April 30, 2019

Think towards victory

Scroll down for today’s devotional… If these podcasts are a blessing to you, please let me know? And please let me know if you’re listening to the podcast or if you are reading the articles?Simply...

It's Good Friday!
April 19, 2019

It’s Good Friday!

Why is it so important for us as believers to be aware of the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection from the dead? I grew up a Christian. I remember receiving Christ as a young boy and...