I have some good news (FREE BOOK), and some bad news!

I have some good news (FREE BOOK), and some bad news!

Hello friends!

This week a long-time dream of mine is partially coming true… we’re on a pastors’ retreat with our entire team of GraceLife pastors from all of our five campuses (Stellenbosch, Piketberg, Pretoria, Albania and Tygerberg). These men and women sacrifice so much and are doing such a great job at ministering at each of our campuses. We have a wonderful week in Durban planned for them with ministry from Will and Barbara Graham who are from the U.K. The pastors attending are paying their own way, and in the future, I am trusting to be able to pay for the whole thing. This is an investment into the ministry!

I tried my best to schedule enough podcasts for the week but unfortunately, I couldn’t do enough for the entire week, and so the bad news is that there are no podcasts until next week, but there is some good news!

I want to bless you with a PDF copy of my mini-book, “Psalm 91: Living in God’s protection.”  Click the image below, then select the book and checkout. On checkout use coupon code: FREEGIFT:PS91

This download will be available for 48 hours.

Much love to you all!



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