Is God in control of everything?

Is God in control of everything?

If you believe that God is in control of everything then if you get sick don’t go to the doctor! Don’t take medication, don’t change your diet because you need to allow God to do what He wants to do in your life. Taking medication would be working against God if you believe that sickness if from Him. I don’t believe that but there’s a lot of people who do. If you believe that God is in control of everything then take that belief to the extreme, to its full extent. We fight sickness in any way we can – faith and medicine! I’ve spoken to many doctors and not one doctor has ever said to me that they believe sickness is a good thing, but talk to some religious Christians and they’ll tell you that sickness is a good thing. They’ll tell you that it’s some kind of “blessing from God”. How on earth can sickness be a blessing if it drains you of your energy, drains you of your finances, your time, your life and even kills you!? Religious lies will tell you that “God must be doing something big in your life” when you’re suffering with cancer. Rubbish! Look at the sickest people on earth and they don’t always seem to be blessed because of sickness! If you think about rape, molestation of children and you think God is in control of all of this, then He must be a really terrible person.
Jesus said in Mark 7 verse 13, that the traditions of men make the word of God of none effect. If you’ve grown up believing that God is in control of everything, then when tragedy hits you will experience that tragedy to the max because you don’t believe you can do anything, and you believe God sent it to you! You believe it’s out of your hands and it’s in God’s hands. Don’t just go with what you grew up hearing at the pulpit and all of that type of stuff – it might be wrong!
Your ability to be a moron at times and hurt other people at times proves that God is not in control of everything because God doesn’t want you to be a moron! Amen!
When I was growing up, I thought about these things and it just confused me – believing that God is in control of everything doesn’t make sense! I heard a minister even go so far as to say that the sin that you’re struggling with is God’s will for you – how does that make sense if you read the book of Romans which talks about resisting sin? It doesn’t make sense to believe that at all. It all comes basically from a wrong understanding that it’s all up to God; that He is sovereign in that He’s in control of everything – whatever will be will be! That’s just wrong! Religion defines sovereignty as: if God wants you healed, you will be healed and there’s nothing you can do about it; it’s totally up to God. If God wants to bless you, you will be blessed, if He wants a tragedy in your life then that’s what you’ll get. This is not how God operates! I know a pastor who’s child drowned in a swimming pool and he was questioning God five years later wondering why God did that; why did God allow his son to die? I can answer that very quickly: it wasn’t God! That was the devil! John 10:10 shows us that the thief kills, destroys and steals, not God! I have a pastor friend who was in Bible school with me and he had a similar situation: his child was still born – dead. But my friend didn’t accept that, instead he commanded life into the baby in the Name of Jesus’ and the child lived!He would have had to bury his child had he believed the junk that so many Christians believe! If he had said, “oh well, God works in mysterious ways! Maybe God knew that this child would grow up and suffer a lot so he decided to rather take him now? Or maybe God needed him in heaven more than he needed him on earth because God picks his best flowers…” What a load of religious garbage! God is not the author of your troubles and He is not putting you through tragedies and pain to teach you something! He’s a good God!


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