Stellenbosch Family Meeting

Dear GraceLife Stellenbosch family!

We’ve been announcing our upcoming “Family Time” meeting for a few weeks now and I hope to see you there! It’s this Sunday, 3 March 2019, at Rhenish Girls’ High from 12noon to 13:30 (latest).

The purpose of the meeting is to connect with each other as family (members) so that we can celebrate and communicate a few things together. We want to give thanks to God and celebrate a few testimonies (including any that you may have to share). We also want to communicate a few important things to you and give you an opportunity to ask leadership any questions or raise any concerns that you may have. A brief agenda is attached below.

This meeting is for anyone who has been a part of GraceLife longer than two years and/or has completed our GrowthTrack. Please note that it is not suitable to bring guests to this meeting as it is for members only. We’ll provide some pizzas and snacks and look forward to this special time of fellowship with you.

Much love to you all,

Shayne, Pieter and the eldership team

Stellenbosch Family Time Agenda (3 March)

#Celebrations – what God is doing in and through us.
#Admin – a few important announcements
#Brief Financial report – What your giving is accomplishing!
#Questions and concerns to leaders – we have a few already and will give an opportunity for you to raise yours on the day.
#Ideas and suggestions – because we’re a team and we know that you have great input to offer.
#Vision – the beautifuL picture of what God has called us to!  

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