New in Christ!

GraceLife is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Why?

* I was already born again.
* I was already filled with the Spirit.
* I was already in a relationship with the Lord.
* And I was already actively serving the Lord.

So what difference did it make? GraceLife is just a church like any other church, right? WRONG!

The message that GraceLife preaches is a message that has long been lost to the body of Christ and is now being restored. Through GraceLife I learned:

* My identity in Christ. How I am truly one with Him. And what did that do? It gave me an inner reassurance and confidence that I had lacked until then.
* I learned about Spirit, Soul, and Body! Distinguishing between these three parts opened up the Scriptures and gave me new insight and understanding.
* I learned that it is not what I do that secures God’s blessings in my life. But what God has done for me through Jesus. That I am blessed because of the finished work of Christ, not because of what I do. What did that do? It set me free from always seeking to perform and never doing good enough. I began to rest in His finished work and began to see more fruitfulness in my life than ever.

I could go on and on with so many lessons and new revelations that I received through GraceLife – all Word-based. But the best thing I can do is to invite you to come and find out for yourself! Like Jesus said, Come and see!

I am trying to paint a small picture for you here, but a picture will never measure up to the experience of visiting the place personally.

And last but not least I got a beautiful family of like-minded fellow believers and received many blessings that money could never buy!

And after having attended GraceLife for many many years I am still learning and growing and being challenged!


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