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We’re currently in the process of refining the new discipleship lessons for GraceLife. You can assist us by giving us constructive feedback. If you find any typos or have suggestions on how to improve the lesson, please send us an email to

The new discipleship material is unlike anything we have used up and till now in that it starts with an apologetic approach for you to use with unbelievers who have no or very little Christian/ religious background. It will also benefit believers in helping to establish a stronger foundation. The topics might not excite you but you would be wise in going through them to equip yourself to reach unbelievers. Far too often believers are only equipped to convince other believers about their view of the Bible, but are ill-equipped to deal with unbelievers who have questions about the Bible’s reliability, whether Jesus really lived, and if he did, if he really rose from the dead.

Our new discipleship material might not be exhaustive, but it aims to answer these kinds of questions. If you need to go deeper into the apologetic topics we encourage you to visit for further study. We might not approve of all the views on but there is a lot of helpful information there. We also have an in-depth apologetic course in GraceLife Ministry School.

A new discipleship lesson will be uploaded every Tuesday!